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Blast Chiller & Freezer

A Blast Freezer is a specialized category of freezer used to preserve food at a very low temperature to prevent the growth of microorganisms. A Blast Freezer is also known as Shock Freezer.

In normal temperature, bacterial growth in food occurs at a rapid, exponential rate. The food becomes unsafe for future consumption. The microorganism cannot thrive in the extremely cold environment of a Blast freezer.
A Blast freezer is commonly used in food industry.
Commercial kitchens use a Blast freezer to preserve seafood, meat, dairy products, confectionaries, leftovers, and cooked foods.
A Blast freezer is commonly used in restaurants, catering unit, bakeries and ice-cream
parlors. A Blast freezer can reduce temperature of a food from +70°C to -18°C in less than 4 hours.
As compared to other freezing methods, the most significant advantage of a blast freezer is its versatility and adaptabiliy for various uses. Blast freezers tend to be a good choice for products that are irregular in size and shape.
To achieve the desired result in a blast freezer, the size and capacity of evaporators and refrigerating machines should be optimal in comparision with each other.If this is not calculated carefully it would be very tedious to designa and manufacture an ideal, versatile and flexible shock freezer for any application for example if the room is not properly sized and in case it gets overloaded, the ambient air temperature will increase and the freezing time gets prolonged; at the same time, the outlet pressure of the refrigeration compressor will proportionately increase. In this situation if the system is not equipped with proper safety measures this can lead to serious damagein the compressor. Loading the room with less than its capacity does not lead to as serious of issues as overloading does, but increases operation costs.

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