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CTS has an active maintenance policy for all installed refrigeration and cold store units, which is a key preventative measure in keeping your cold storage facility working correctly.

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Temperature Monitoring

- 24/7 monitoring of temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, overpressure, under pressure etc. -A cost-efficient and time-saving alternative to manual measurements.

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LV Switchgear and Electrical Installations

Working with consultants, contractors or the end user, our team of experienced LV switchgear engineers can provide valuable input, not only at the conception

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Thermal Imaging

The versatility and abilities of thermal cameras allows building surveyors to carry out a huge amount of different types of building analysis efficiently and with no damage to the

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Robotic Cleaning Solutions

The use of robotics for your commercial and industrial duct inspections and cleaning is unmatched by any manual technique doing the same.
CTS robots are capable

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