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Infrared Imaging Systems

Thermal Imaging using Infrared Scanning is carried out to find out any hotspots especially to identify faults. Abnormal hotspots occur when an area is heated up indicating a possibility of a faulty condition in that particular area. However the fault will not be externally visible or will
not stop functioning for some more time.The scanning is done using handheld state of the art thermal imaging IR camera and the data is directly analysed using software which will indicate hotspots for potential defects in advance to understand possible causes and thus prevent serious faults through insulation systems at a later stage. Services are delivered across Dubai, write or visit us to know more about the services.

prevent serious faults at a later stage.

Thermal imaging can be used for:
Electrical Machinery
Electrical Panels
Cabling Circuits
Switch gear Panels
Water leaks

Thermal Imaging Solution 2