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Cold Room Panels and Doors

Insulated panels provide solution to the numerous insulation problems occurring in light weight prefabrication. One of the common applications of the insulated panels is the building of cold rooms and refrigerated vehicle bodies. For this application, insulated panels find wide use
around the world due to its characteristic to provide maximum thermal insulation. Insulated panels have a monolithic sandwich construction which is formed as a result of injecting rigid polyurethane foam at high density between metal claddings.
Our quality cold room doors give us a competitive edge as a premium quality cold storage doors manufacturer and industry leader in sustainable building design in UAE. These industrial cold storage doors are custom designed for cold rooms, controlled environments, food and beverage processing/distribution, and pharmaceutical industries. Our industrial cold storage doors control temperature-sensitive environments even under the most demanding circumstances. Service and Maintenance

Collective Technical Services offers monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance contracts This ensures round the clock service for the following:

  • Attend to any repairs, which may be necessary to ensure continuous operation.
  • Advise client of any improvements that will enhance the reliability and life of the equipment.
  • Consumables for continuous operation of cold room.
  • Routine scheduled visits.
  • All labor charges included in the contract to carry out the services.
  • Replace any defective parts including overhaul of compressors should this be necessary.
  • 24 hour Emergency service as necessary.
  • Spare parts at an additional cost.
Thermal Insulation Panels and Doors