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Why a Single Customer View?

In the technology aware and modern age we are living in, data is more readily available to us than ever before. Data is being captured and pushed out to us wherever we may be, whether it be from the fridge notifying us via our smartphone that we are running out of milk, or our banks advising us of our account transactions. There are now so many sources of data coming from a multitude of different touchpoints. Within the world of digital marketing, means of communicating have moved beyond the simple phone call and extended to email, SMS, social and push notifications. Whilst this opens the world up to us it also presents a challenge. How do we make these communication points streamlined and interchangeable across each of the channels with the data we have available to us? If we take the financial sector as an example. How can a bank better serve its customers who hold multiple accounts and loans with them but are unable to get an overview of their banking portfolio or move seamlessly between their accounts?

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to do this in the siloed manner that so many of us are working in. We have data from online and in store sales, email, SMS and social media campaigns as well as analytical data all sitting in separate tables. This is where we can reap the benefits of building a Single Customer View.

Bringing all of these siloed data sources together into one view allows us to collect recent data and make intelligent decisions on how we engage with our customers. We are then able to understand our customer’s past behaviour, which includes their purchases and interactions, and even forecast their tendency to purchase goods and services in the future. Having this single view makes marketing and engaging with our customers more efficient and effective. It means that we are no longer interacting with them on channels they don’t use or sending them personalised emails which contain old and irrelevant data. This enhances the customer journey and in turn improves the return on investment. This is what our customers have come to expect living in such a fast paced digital age. So, if we want to get the most out of our cross channel interactions, it’s time to put the icing on the cake with a Single Customer View.

Implementing a Single Customer View is by no means an easy task, but working with our team of industry experts, we will work to understand your data and make the transition from siloed data pots, to an intelligent Single Customer View as simple and successful as possible.