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Duct Cleaning and Internal Coating

Source removal is the only effective way to rid household, office, hospital and industrial ducts of particulates and contaminants.

Collective Technical Services among all commercial companies adheres to international cleaning standards for source removal We use advanced techniques and state of the art equipment, including our robotic duct cleaner with effective internal pipe coating.

The service we provide includes a video recorder which will also enable still pictures to be taken from inside the duct which can be given to customers as documentation.

Another advantage of using a video recorder is the ability to add voice to the inspection video that will be record-ed. The Inspector can also be connected to any monitor and video recorder.

Duct work from circular 160 mm diameter or rectangular ducts of similar dimensions can be easily completed with our system. It also comes with a standard cable length of 15 meters.

High quality lighting is achieved by 40 low heat LED lights in the front and rear of the Inspector which results in clear images and safe-working.

Joy-stick control with proportional engine drive gives easy maneuverability throughout the whole ducting system including bends.

A high resolution color camera to view images from the Inspector.

Rear camera to assist reversing in difficult situations

LCD color display

Additional lengths of cable (Up to 100m. Cables can easily be connected together)

Control has never been easier.

Internal Duct Cleaning and Coating