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PVC Strip Curtains

Strip doors, or strip curtains, are a great way to reduce energy costs and separate workplace environments. TMI is the largest manufacturer of strip doors in the United States, offering the widest variety of PVC strips to meet your exact needs, from industrial and warehouse applications to walk-in freezer curtains and personnel doors.

Save Energy – All of TMI’s PVC strip door lines are designed to control temperatures and minimize energy costs, whether you want to keep warm or cool air in. See how much money you’re currently losing in energy costs with our Energy Loss Calculator.
Separate Environments – Strip doors help you separate and partition off certain sections of your workspace. Keep out dust, weather, fumes, noise, and other elements with a vinyl strip door. Streamline Workflow – Unlike standard industrial doors, strip doors allow people and machinery to easily pass through the strips without physically opening a door, thus optimizing productivity. We would help you with the expert service for PVC strip curtains & vinyl doors throughout Dubai, UAE.

PVC Curtains